Multilinguismo, CLIL e innovazione didattica

7th AICLU conference, Brixen-Bressanone, 7–9 July 2011
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ed. by Nickenig, Christoph; Gotti, Maurizio

2013, 306 p. 16 x 23 cm

ISBN: 978-88-6046-056-1

E-ISBN: 978-88-6046-103-2


The 7th conference of the Italian Association of University Language Centres (AICLU) took place in Bressanone- Brixen from 7 to 9 July 2011. The papers in Italian, English and Spanish cover various issues such as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), multilingualism and internationalization, new tendencies in using new technologies in language learning at universities and give an insight into the state of the art of language teaching and learning in Italian and European institutions in higher education.

Creative Commons License
Multilinguismo, CLIL e innovazione didattica ed. by Nickenig, Christoph; Gotti, Maurizio —excluding the cover and the quotations— is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License .

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