Prerequisites for publishing

University Press’ goal is to publish the research results at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.


Authors who would like to publish with Bozen-Bolzano University Press need to be employed as lecturers or researchers at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

The topics dealt with need to be closely related to the subjects taught and researched at the University and its faculties. Research projects with an interdisciplinary scope are of particular interest.

Types of publication

The following types of publication are currently admitted:

  • monographs,
  • edited volumes,
  • conference proceedings,
  • PhD theses (one per PhD program, PhD coordinators suggest theses to be published, theses need to be carefully revised in order to be published as monograph).

Volumes must include at least 120 pages. Conference proceeding volumes need to contain at least five contributions.

At present the following texts cannot be published by bu,press:

  • bachelor theses,
  • master theses,
  • teaching material for students,
  • book of abstracts
  • illustrated books in which the theoretical part is less than two thirds of the volume.

Further important requirements for the publication of a text are listed below.

The publication authorization finally depends on the Editorial Board’s decision.

Quality criteria

The work needs to meet the principles of academic writing in terms of content, language and form. In addition, the work needs to comply with legal and ethical requirements (copyright, originality etc.) and sources need to be chosen critically.

Quality of content

The publisher requests two external peer reviews on which the Editorial Board relies on in the decision-making process.

Quality of language

The publisher and author agree upon the language/s of publication. If the language of publication is not the author’s mother tongue, the author needs to provide for copy editing in order to guarantee perfect linguistic quality.

Quality of form

The recommended citation style is APA (America Psychological Association). Author and publisher can agree on a different citation style (e.g. MLA, Harvard, Chicago, ASA). The citation style needs to be applied correctly and consistently in the text and in the bibliography.

For information and examples of APA style please request our Formatting guidelines for authors.

In addition, authors may also use the following bibliographic management systems and plagiarism checker software:

  • Citavi
  • Refworks
  • Endnote
  • Turnitin

Please make sure to use the templates below when it comes to formatting your final text. This guarantees consistency and speeds up the publication process.

Publication Request

By filling out the publication request form the author/editor informs the publisher about the basic project details. After the publication request the project will be discussed in more detail with the author/editor. The author/editor sends the project description, the table of contents, information about the authors and the target group as well as  information about the value added and the book’s position in the academic and didactic context to bu,press.

Copyright permission

If the publication contains figures, tables, graphs the author needs to make sure that the use of this material is public domain or if it is copyrighted, the author needs to obtain written permission of the copyright holder to reproduce or adapt the material. A template is available on request.

Also when reproducing long quotations of more than 400 words the author needs to obtain the permission of the copyright holder and to acknowledge copyright permission in the copyright footnote.

Permissions need to be handed in with the manuscript. The author needs to acknowledge copyright permission in the footnotes of the copyrighted material.

Our services

bu,press‘ goal is to assist researchers and professors of the Free University of Bolzano in the publication process.

Please note that the publication process from your publication request to the final publication approval takes at least 4–6 months, in some cases even longer.

The number of copies printed as well as the publication type (print/eletronic) is defined by the publisher.

The bu,press publishing services cover various steps from quotation requests to distribution and marketing:

  • allocation of ISBN, E-ISBN, ISSN, DOI, production management, deposit copies, registration in list of available books, worldwide distribution,
  • online bookshop sales (Amazon, Webster, ibs, Libreria universitaria, Mailtrade, Licosa, Casalini, Internet Bookshop, Mondadori, BOL), specialist bookshops, book fairs and specialized fairs,
  • marketing activities.

Templates for authors

MS Word from version 2007
Edited volume contribution Download (65 kB)
Template Instructions Download (~ 1 MB)

Open Access

Most bu,press publications are freely available and usable under the CC BY SA license. Master Casaclima publications and publications by the Faculty of Design and Art as well as the Junde/Jonde textbooks are only available in print.