Building Simulation Applications BSA 2015

2nd IBPSA-Italy conference Bozen-Bolzano, 4th – 6th February 2015
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Marco Baratieri, Vincenzo Corrado, Andrea Gasparella, Francesco Patuzzi

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2015, 564 S.

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Building Simulation applications (BSA) 2015 was the second IBPSA-Italy conference on building performance simulation to take place at the Free University of Bolzano, from February 4th to 6th 2015. The main topics dealt with were: detailed modelling of phenomena and components, integrated and non-energy performance analysis, optimization techniques for high performance buildings and retrofit, and development and validation of new tools. The principal mission of the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) is to promote and advance the practice of building performance simulation in order to improve the design, construction, operation and maintenance of new and existing buildings. IBPSA-Italy is the Italian regional affiliate, a non-profit-making association, which includes researchers, developers and practitioners acting on the topic of building performance simulation. IBPSA-Italy was founded in January 2011 and has now more than 140 members including university professors, researchers, professionals, software developers and students.



  1. Front Matter
  2. Common Fallacies in Representation of Occupants in Building Performance Simulation
    Ardeshir Mahdavi
  3. The Importance of Software's and Weather File's Choice in Dynamic Daylight Simulations
    Laura Bellia, Alessia Pedace, Francesca Fragliasso
  4. Outdoor Comfort: The ENVI-BUG Tool to Evaluate PMV Values Point by Point
    Kristian Fabbri, Antonello Di Nunzio, Ernesto Antonini, Andrea Boeri
  5. Aspects of Uncertainty in Representation of Occupants' Diversity in Building Performance Simulation
    Ardeshir Mahdavi, Farhang Tahmasebi
  6. Prediction of Vertical Irradiance on Building Surfaces: An Empirical Comparison of Two Models
    Ehsan Vazifeh, Matthias Schuss, Ardeshir Mahdavi
  7. Improving Energy Efficiency through the Optimization of Buildings' Operational Regime: Simulation Based Case Studies
    Farhang Tahmasebi, Mahnameh Taheri, Matthias Schuss, Ardeshir Mahdavi
  8. Performance Evaluation towards Improved BiPV-Systems – Simulation of BiPV-Systems Installed on Existing Building Facades Using TRNSYS
    Sascha Lindig, David Moser, Stefano Avesani, Roberto Lollini
  9. Appraising the Effects of Window Opening Behaviour in an Office Building in Different Climates
    Sara Torabi Moghadam, Federica Soncini, Valentina Fabi, Stefano P. Corgnati
  10. Prediction of the Sound Insulation of Double Leaf Facades with Openings for Natural Ventilation
    Egzon Bajraktari, Josef Lechleitner, Ardeshir Mahdavi
  11. Influence of Varying Mix Proportions on Thermal Performance of Soil-Cement Blocks
    Balaji N.C., Praseeda K.I., Monto Mani, Venkatarama Reddy B.V.
  12. Achieving High-Performance Building Design in the Tropics through Modelling and Simulation: A Case Study in Singapore
    Bharath Seshadri, Zhou Jian, Vincent Partenay, Priya Pawar, Adrian Lamano
  13. Modelling, Testing and Optimization of a MVHR Combined with a Small-Scale Speed Controlled Exhaust Air Heat Pump
    Fabian Ochs, Dietmar Siegele, Georgios Dermentzis, Wolfgang Feist
  14. BIM and Interoperability for Energy Simulations
    Bernardino Chiaia, Sanaz Davardoust, Anna Osello, Niccolò Aste, Manlio Mazzon
  15. Urban Heat Island in Padua, Italy: Simulation Analysis and Mitigation Strategies
    Luca Battistella, Marco Noro
  16. Multi-Zone Buildings Thermo-Hygrometric Analysis: A Novel Dynamic Simulation Code Based on Adaptive Control
    Annamaria Buonomano, Umberto Montanaro, Adolfo Palombo, Stefania Santini
  17. Energy Simulation in Early Stage Building Design: Simplified Models and Impact on Results
    Marco Picco, Marco Marengo
  18. The Solar Response Factor for the Dynamic Response of Buildings to Solar Heat Gains
    Gianpiero Evola, Luigi Marletta
  19. Comparison of Energy Simulations for a Residential Unit: A Rapid Method for an Integrated Decision Tool
    Alberto Beltrami, Marco Picco, Marco Marengo
  20. Thermal Modelling of Complex Fenestration Systems – Comparison of a BSDF-Based Model with Simplified Approaches
    Martin Hauer, David Geisler-Moroder, Marion Hiller
  21. A New Climate-Based Daylight Metric for Hot Climates
    Islam Ayman Mashaly, Yussra Mohamed Rashed, Muhammad Adel, Khaled Nassar
  22. The Effect of Vegetation on Daylight Availability
    Islam Ayman Mashaly, Yussra Mohamed Rashed, Muhammad Adel, Khaled Nassar
  23. Solar Assisted Ground Source Heat Pump Performance Assessment for Residential Energy Supply in Southern European Climates
    Natale Arcuri, Francesco Reda, Pasquale Loiacono, Domenico Mazzeo
  24. Energy Consumption of Buildings and Occupant Behavior. An Investigation in Mediterranean Climatic Conditions
    Piero Bevilacqua, Cristina Carpino, Dafni Mora, Marilena De Simone
  25. Energy Retrofit and Conservation of Built Heritage Using Multi-Objective Optimization: Demonstration on a Medieval Building
    Francesca Roberti, Ulrich Filippi Oberegger, Elena Lucchi, Andrea Gasparella
  26. Energy Performances of a Passive House for Mediterranean Climate: A Case Study
    Cristina Carpino, Piero Bevilacqua, Roberto Bruno, Natale Arcuri
  27. Building Simulation Based Optimization through Design of Experiments
    Jay Dhariwal, Rangan Banerjee
  28. A Verification of CitySim Results Using the BESTEST and Monitored Consumption Values
    Walter Emmanuel, Jérôme Kämpf
  29. Integrated Design and Dynamic Simulation for a New Zero Energy Building
    Alessandro Dama, Adriana Angelotti, Davide Penso
  30. A Parametric Approach to Design a Wooden Climatic Responsive Village in Atacama Desert (Chile)
    Francesco Leccese, Alessandro Mattoccia, Michele Rocca, Rodrigo Rubio, Giacomo Salvadori
  31. Energy Saving Exploiting Light Availability: A New Method to Evaluate Daylight Contribution
    Claudio Campanile, Francesco Leccese, Michele Rocca, Giacomo Salvadori
  32. Estimation of the Water Flow Rate and Energy Consumption of a Central Heating System in an Office Building Using System Identification
    Daniele Antonucci, Federico Noris, Ulrich Filippi Oberegger, Andrea Gasparella
  33. Comparison between Hourly Simulation and Bin-Method for the Seasonal Performance Evaluation of Electric Air-Source Heat Pumps for Heating
    Claudia Naldi, Matteo Dongellini, Gian Luca Morini, Enzo Zanchini
  34. Cost Optimal and Net Zero Energy Office Buildings Solutions Using Small Scale Biomass-Based Cogeneration Technologies
    Ayman Mohamed, Ala Hasan, Kai Sirén
  35. Integrated Performance Simulation of an Innovative Net Zero Energy Modular Building
    Francesco Fantauzzi, Paolo Belardi, Francesco Asdrubali, Samuele Schiavoni, Sara Sambuco
  36. Study of the Energy Performance of a Retrofitting Office
    Paolo Valdiserri
  37. Coupling Dynamic Energy and Daylighting Simulations for Complex Fenestration Systems
    Giuseppe De Michele, Ulrich Filippi Oberegger, Luca Baglivo
  38. Simulation Experiences for the Thermal Performance Improvement of Naturally Ventilated Classroom in the Tropics of Costa Rica
    Emily Vargas Soto, Gerardo Saelzer Fuica
  39. A New Computational Model: G.E.A.R. Graphical Expert Analytical Relations
    Martino Marini, Roberto Baccoli, Costantino Carlo Mastino, Valerio Da Pos, Zoltán Tóth
  40. A New Simulation Tool for the Evaluation of Energy Performances of Green Roofs
    Domenico Mazzeo, Piero Bevilacqua, Marilena De Simone, Natale Arcuri
  41. A Holistic Method for Energy Renovation of Buildings: Focus on Users’ Involvement
    Giulia Degan, Carsten Rode, Daniele Vettorato, Marco Castagna
  42. The Role of User Behavior Modeling on the Energy Performance Simulations
    Marco Aldegheri, Alessandro Prada, Paolo Baggio, Michela Chiogna
  43. Application of Building Simulation to support ISO 50001 Energy Management: Case study of Fiumicino Airport
    Luis M. Blanes, Andrea Costa, Marcus M. Keane
  44. Dynamic Simulation and On-Site Monitoring of a Combined Solar and Pellet System in a Low Energy House
    Elisa Carlon, Alessandro Prada, Markus Schwarz, Christoph Schmidl, Marco Baratieri, Andrea Gasparella, Walter Haslinger
  45. A Parametric Design-Based Methodology to Visualize Building Performance at the Neighborhood Scale
    Giuseppe Peronato, Emilie Nault, Francesca Cappelletti, Fabio Peron, Marilyne Andersen
  46. Exploring the Occupancy Behaviour and Perception in an Office Building
    Livia Seres, Ulrich J. Pont, Matthias Schuss, Ardeshir Mahdavi
  47. Window Shades: Selecting Optical Properties for Visual Comfort
    Ying-Chieh Chan, Athanasios Tzempelikos
  48. ProCasaClima 2013: CasaClima Building Simulation Software
    Matteo Rondoni, Ulrich Santa, Ulrich Klammsteiner, Martina Demattio, Mariadonata Bancher, Alexander Told, Thomas Zelger
  49. Graphic and Parametric Tools for Preliminary Design Stage of Natural Ventilation Systems
    Margherita Ferrucci, Maurizio Brocato, Fabio Peron, Francesca Cappelletti
  50. Advancement in the Development of an Open Source Object Oriented BPSt: Development Methodology
    Livio Mazzarella, Martina Pasini
  51. A Methodology to Integrate Advanced Lighting and Thermal Analyses for Building Energy Simulation
    Silvia Cammarano, Anna Pellegrino, Valerio R. M. Lo Verso, Chiara Aghemo
  52. BIM-Generated Data Models for EnergyPlus: A Comparison of gbXML and IFC Formats
    Ira Ivanova, Kristina Kiesel, Ardeshir Mahdavi
  53. Passive Solutions for the Optimization of the Indoor Environmental Quality: A Case Study
    Fabio Sicurella, Perla Colamesta
  54. Modelling of Domestic Fine Particles Indoor Exposure, its Main Sources and Potential Mitigation Measures: The Case of Beijing
    Sandra Stefanović, Žarko Stevanović
  55. Application of Aerogel-Based Plaster towards Thermal Retrofit of Historical Facades: A Computational Assessment
    Olga Proskurnina, Ulrich J. Pont, Miroslawa Kornicki, Ardeshir Mahdavi
  56. Long-Term and Spatial Evaluation of the Integrated Performance of a Window-Shade System in an Open Space Office Located in Rome
    Anna Maria Atzeri, Francesca Cappelletti, Athanasios Tzempelikos, Andrea Gasparella
  57. Energy Cost and Discount Rate Influence on the Optimal Packages of Energy Efficiency Measures
    Vincenzo Corradi, Ilaria Ballarini, Ilenia Ottati, Simona Paduos
  58. Energy Building Retrofitting of a Multifamily House: A Case Study
    Chiara Dipasquale, Roberto Fedrizzi, Diego Bertesina, Alessandro Bellini
  59. The Use of Biomass in the Building Renovation: A Cost-Optimal Perspective Analysis
    Enrico De Angelis, Giorgio Pansa, Martina Cereda
  60. Passive Cooling Strategies in the Refurbishment of Mediterranean Buildings: Simulation Analysis of Thermal Mass and Natural Ventilation Combination
    Filippo Calcerano, Carlotta Cecchini
  61. Daylighting Optimization for Informal Settlements in Cairo, Egypt
    Ayman Wagdy, Ahmed Abdelghany, Mohamed Amer Hegazy
  62. CFD vs. Lumped Models Applied to HAM: A Comparison between HAM-Tools and Comsol
    Amos Ronzino, Vincenzo Corrado, Maximilian Neusser, Thomas Bednar
  63. Optimizing Window size of South Facades in Tehran City and the Environmental Impacts
    Fazel Khayatian, Seyed Amin Tabatabaei Fard, Maryam Meshkin Kiya
  64. Analysis of Energy Efficiency Measures on Envelope and Control Systems: Case Study for an Existing Building
    Giovanni Semprini, Alessandro Gober, Francesca Zandi
  65. Robustness of Multi-Objective Optimization of Building Refurbishment to Solar Radiation Model
    Alessandro Prada, Giovanni Pernigotto, Francesca Cappelletti, Andrea Gasparella
  66. The Impact of Thermal Comfort in Multi-Objective Optimization of Buildings Refurbishment
    Paola Penna, Alessandro Prada, Francesca Cappelletti, Andrea Gasparella
  67. A Multi-Objective Optimization Analysis on High-Performance Buildings Connected to District Heating-CHP System
    Dario Prando, Alessandro Prada, Fabian Ochs, Andrea Gasparella, Marco Baratieri
  68. Experimental Characterization of the Dynamic Thermal Properties of Opaque Elements under Dynamic Periodic Solicitation
    Giovanni Pernigotto, Alessandro Prada, Francesco Patuzzi, Marco Baratieri, Andrea Gasparella
  69. Re-Thinking of Energy Consumption Classification by the Patterns of Occupant Behaviour in Dwellings: A Conceptual Framework
    Gülsu Ulukavak Harputlugil, Timuçin Harputlugil


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