The Public Value of Anthropology: Engaging Critical Social Issues Through Ethnography

Cover of The Public Value of Anthropology: Engaging Critical Social Issues Through Ethnography
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Elisabeth Tauber, Dorothy Zinn

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2015, 174 S.

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Accessible to non-specialists and researchers interested in ethnography, this volume offers an introduction into the uses of anthropology for engaging contemporary social issues. The editors’ essay surveys the development of anthropological research from its early exotic, non-Western focus to today’s debate over increasingly engaged approaches within a globalized society. The case studies utilize anthropology’s hallmark ethnographic methodology to address issues ranging from refugee reception and recognition to fair trade, intercultural education, and encounters with Gypsy populations.


  1. Front Matter
  2. A Lively and Musing Discipline: The Public Contribution of Anthropology Through Education and Engagement
    Elisabeth Tauber, Dorothy Zinn
  3. Anthropology and Asylum Procedures and Policies in Italy
    Barbara Sorgoni
  4. “My dad has fifteen wives and eight ancestors to care for”: Conveying Anthropological Knowledge to Children and Adolescents
    Sabine Klocke-Daffa
  5. Begging—Between Charity and Profession: Reflections on Romanian Roma’s Begging Activities in Italy
    Cătălina Tesăr
  6. Crafting Fair Trade Tourism: Gender, Race, and Development in Peru
    Jane Henrici
  7. Expert Translations of Torture and Trauma: A Multisited Ethnography / Monika Weissensteiner
    Monika Weissensteiner


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