Graphic Design, Exhibiting, Curating

Proceedings of the conference, June 26, 2012
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Giorgio Camuffo, Maddalena Dalla Mura

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2013, 156 pag.
  • ISBN: 978-88-6046-062-2




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In recent years, graphic designers have become increasingly interested and engaged in the exhibition context as a space of production, mediation and dissemination. In June 2012, the international conference Graphic Design, Exhibiting, Curating brought together a number of graphic designers, curators and critics engaged in exhibition-making and curating. The proceedings feature contributions by Brave New Alps, Charlotte Cheetham (, Mieke Gerritzen (Museum of the Image,Breda), Lungomare/Lupo&Burtscher, Prem Krishnamurthy (Project Projects), and Jon Sueda, as well as extracts from the discussions that followed each panel.

GEC proceedings now in print