Approaches to English for Specific and Academic Purposes

Perspectives on Teaching and Assessing in Tertiary and Adult Education
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Michael Joseph Ennis, Jemma Prior
2020, 230 p.
ISBN: 978-88-6046-170-4
E-ISBN: 978-88-6046-171-1



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  1. Front Matter
  2. IntroductionJemma Prior, Michael Joseph EnnisDOI: 10.13124/9788860461711_0x
  3. Let’s Negotiate: Learner Autonomy in Action in a University ESAP CourseJemma PriorDOI: 10.13124/9788860461711_01
  4. Teaching English to Refugees in Italy: A Case StudyKaroline SteckleyDOI: 10.13124/9788860461711_02
  5. Reshaping the Language of Mathematics and Physics: Some Intersemiotic and Interlinguistic IssuesMichela CanepariDOI: 10.13124/9788860461711_03
  6. Teaching and Assessing Academic Writing for Tourism Studies: An Example of Reflective Practice from the FieldMichael Joseph EnnisDOI: 10.13124/9788860461711_04
  7. Anglicisms in the Discourse of Brexit: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Italian NewspapersValeria FiascoDOI: 10.13124/9788860461711_05
  8. Learner Corpora and Embedded Assessment of Undergraduate EFL Writing: The Case of Metadiscourse MarkersLetizia CirilloDOI: 10.13124/9788860461711_06
  9. Communication in a Globalized World: Advanced English and its Assessment in the 21st CenturySharon HartleDOI: 10.13124/9788860461711_07
  10. Seven “Secrets” to Improving PronunciationTodd Alden MarshallDOI: 10.13124/9788860461711_08
  11. Authors

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