Basic Requirements

The basic formal requirements for publishing with bu,press:


Authors need to be employed as lecturers or researchers at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.


Topics to be published need to be closely related to the subjects taught and researched at the University and its faculties. Research projects with an interdisciplinary scope are of particular interest.

Amount of text

Volumes need to include at least 120 pages, approx. 2,000 characters (with spaces) per page. Conference proceeding volumes need to contain at least five contributions.

Use of third-party material

If authors intend to re-use third-party material (figures, tables, long texts) they need to make sure that they are allowed to do so. If the material is available in public domain or it has been released under a Creative Commons license that allows sharing under the bu,press licence, authors do not need to request the permission of the rights holder. However, the rights holder needs to be credited and the terms of re-use need to be specified. The re-use of copyrighted material requires the rights holder’s written permission as well as crediting in each caption. A permission template is available from bu,press. Permissions need to be submitted with the manuscript.

Publication categories

The following categories of books can be published:

  • monographs,
  • edited volumes,
  • conference proceedings,
  • PhD theses (one per programme/year, published in the unibz junior researcher series. PhD coordinators suggest cum laude theses for publication. These need to be carefully revised in order to be published as monograps.

At present the following texts cannot be published by bu,press:

  • bachelor theses,
  • master theses,
  • teaching material for students,
  • journals,
  • books of abstracts,
  • illustrated books in which the theoretical part is less than two thirds of the volume.