AEUP Association of European University Presses

The Association of European University Presses is an organisation of and for university presses across Europe to help them build stronger relationships between them, to co-operate and share knowledge in order to reach common goals and to jointly address important issues in a currently dynamic time in publishing. The Association of European University Presses has 43 members from 18 countries.

AG Universitätsverlage

Our publishing house is a member of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Universitätsverlage (AG Universitätsverlage). The working group is an association of institutional publication service providers in German speaking countries, which support open science. All members are connected to an academic institution and offer professional publishing services. The membership criteria include especially quality assurance according to scientific standards and the support of Open Access.

The publications of the members are indexed in the joint catalogue of AG Universitätsverlage.

UPI University Press Italiane

UPI was founded in 2009 by eleven Italian university presses. It’s goals are to promote Italy’s academic publishing sector and to gain greater visibility as a group. The association supports the national and international dissemination of high-quality scientific publications.