Editorial Board

The Editorial Board examines the scientific quality of the proposed publication. For this quality control two external peer reviews are requested by the publisher. By taking into account these reviews the Editorial Board decides on the approval to publish.

The Editorial Board consists of the rector and a representative of each faculty. Currently, the members of the Editorial Board are:

Picture of Prof. Dr. Paolo Lugli Picture of  Prof. Dr. phil. Hans Leo Höger Picture of Prof. Johann Gamper
Prof. Dr. Paolo Lugli
Rector of the Free University of Bolzano

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Prof. Dr. phil. Hans Leo Höger
Professor for Theory and History of Design and Communication at the Faculty of Design and Art

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Prof. Johann Gamper
Professor of Computer Science at the Faculty of Computer Science

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Picture of Prof. Aggregato Ilaria Riccioni Picture of Prof. Laura Valle Picture of Prof. Christian Fischer
Prof. Ilaria Riccioni
Professor of General sociology at the Faculty of Education

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Prof. Laura Valle
Professor of Private law at the School of Economics and Management

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Prof. Christian Fischer
Professor of Agro-food Economics, Management and Marketing

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