Cultures in Mountain Areas : Comparative Perspectives

Culture in aree di montagna : prospettive comparative / Kulturen in Gebirgsregionen : Vergleichende Perspektiven
Cover of Cultures in Mountain Areas : Comparative Perspectives
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Tobias Boos, Daniela Salvucci

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2022, 310 p.




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Comparative studies of mountain areas have long been at the core of the discussion about the relations between nature and culture as well as on environmental and social change. This volume searches for ways to develop further critical comparative perspectives in the study of cultures in mountain areas by drawing inter- and transdisciplinary links amongst anthropology, geography, folklore studies, montology, and global history. Drawing on examples
mostly from the Alps and the Andes, but also extending to the global mountains, the authors explore socioecological environments, historical and political processes, borderscapes, demographic dynamics, forms of domestic
organization, rituals, religiosities, and human-non-humanrelations.


  1. Front matter, Contents
  2. Preface
    Elisabeth Tauber, Dorothy L. Zinn
  3. Cultures in Mountain Areas – Comparative Perspectives. Introduction
    Tobias Boos, Daniela Salvucci
  4. Comparing Sacred Mountains: Notes on Approach and Method
    Jon Mathieu
  5. Animal Rearing, Hunting, and Sacrifice in the Andes: Rethinking Reciprocal Relations Between Humans and Mountains
    Denise Y. Arnold
  6. “Prima che si urbanizzi” – Conservazione, urbanizzazione e turistificazione a Cusco
    Domenico Branca, Andreas Haller
  7. Taking Stock of Two Decades of Change: The Alps and Alpine Anthropology in the Early Twenty-First Century
    Pier Paolo Viazzo, Roberta Clara Zanini
  8. Forme di organizzazione domestica nelle Alpi: una prospettiva comparativa
    Dionigi Albera
  9. Alla ricerca degli uomini-falco. Appunti per un’antropologia della montagna
    Giovanni Kezich
  10. Grenzlandstudien zu Südtirol: Das Borderscape-Konzept als historisch-geografisches Analyseinstrument in der regionalen Grenzlandforschung
    Tobias Boos
  11. Explorations into Alpine Culture. Narratives of the Walsers and Alpine Folklore Studies
    Konrad J. Kuhn
  12. Reti accademiche ed ecologia culturale agli inizi dell’antropologia alpina e andina
    Daniela Salvucci


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