EMI and Beyond: Internationalising Higher Education Curricula in Italy

Cover of EMI and Beyond: Internationalising Higher Education Curricula in Italy
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Lynn Mastellotto, Renata Zanin

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2021, 287 p.




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This collection presents the state of the art on English-medium instruction (EMI) / Integrating content and language (ICL) in Italian higher education, drawing attention to different critical aspects of the teaching/learning experience and highlighting the perspectives of various educational stakeholders regarding the effectiveness of tertiary study in a foreign language. The chapters draw on a range of methodologies, from multimodal participant observation, to action research, to video-stimulated recall (VSR), to questionnaires and interviews, in examining language policies and practices across various educational settings. Overall, the volume suggests that internationalisation succeeds best when the form of lessons (language) and the content of lessons (disciplinary concepts) are constructively aligned in curriculum planning and delivery. This integration process requires the strategic support of educators to guarantee the quality of learning in multilingual education.


  1. Front Matter
  2. EMI Stakeholders and Research in the Italian Context. Moving Towards ICLHE?
    Francesca Costa
  3. Innovative ESAP Syllabus Design: A Means to Address English-Language Problems in EMI Programmes
    Jemma Prior
  4. Aligning Policy and Practice: Linguistic and Pedagogical Strategies for the EMI Classroom
    Emma Quick
  5. Intercultural English as a Medium and Outcome of Instruction: The Case of the University of Trento, Italy
    Chiara Polli
  6. EMI Professional Development in Italy: An Assessment Focus
    Olivia Mair
  7. Learners’ Views of EMI: Non-Native Speaker Teachers’ Competence and ELF in an Italian Master’s Degree Programme
    Marco Bagni
  8. The Intercultural Dimension and BELF in the English Course Curriculum of Business Schools: Proposal for an Integrated Model
    Elena Borsetto
  9. EMI and Translanguaging: Student Language Use in an Italian English-Taught Programme
    Fiona Dalziel
  10. South Tyrol and the Challenge of Multilingual Higher Education
    Lynn Mastellotto, Renata Zanin
  11. CLIL: Internationalisation or Pedagogical Innovation?
    Federica Ricci Garotti
  12. Collaborating Across Continents – The Challenges of Intercontinental Academic Partnerships
    Amanda Murphy
  13. Conclusion
    Lynn Mastellotto, Renata Zanin


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