EMI and Beyond: Internationalising Higher Education Curricula in Italy

Cover of EMI and Beyond: Internationalising Higher Education Curricula in Italy
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Lynn Mastellotto, Renata Zanin
2021, 287
ISBN: 978-88-6046-181-0
E-ISBN: 978-88-6046-182-7



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  1. EMI Stakeholders and Research in the Italian Context. Moving Towards ICLHE?DOI: 10.13124/9788860461827_01
  2. Innovative ESAP Syllabus Design: A Means to Address English-Language Problems in EMI ProgrammesJemma PriorDOI: 10.13124/9788860461827_02
  3. Aligning Policy and Practice: Linguistic and Pedagogical Strategies for the EMI ClassroomEmma QuickDOI: 10.13124/9788860461827_03
  4. Intercultural English as a medium and outcome of instruction: The case of the University of Trento, ItalyChiara PolliDOI: 10.13124/9788860461827_04
  5. EMI Professional Development in Italy: An Assessment FocusOlivia MairDOI: 10.13124/9788860461827_05
  6. Learners’ Views of EMI: Non-Native Speaker Teachers’ Competence and ELF in an Italian Master’s Degree ProgrammeMarco BagniDOI: 10.13124/9788860461827_06
  7. The Intercultural Dimension and BELF in the English Course Curriculum of Business Schools: Proposal for an Integrated ModelElena BorsettoDOI: 10.13124/9788860461827_07
  8. EMI and Translanguaging: Student Language Use in an Italian English-Taught ProgrammeFiona DalzielDOI: 10.13124/9788860461827_08
  9. South Tyrol and the Challenge of Multilingual Higher EducationLynn Mastellotto, Renata ZaninDOI: 10.13124/9788860461827_09
  10. CLIL: Internationalisation or Pedagogical Innovation?Federica Ricci GarottiDOI: 10.13124/9788860461827_10
  11. ConclusionLynn Mastellotto, Renata ZaninDOI: 10.13124/9788860461827_11
  12. Front Matter

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